Drug suppliers were caught carrying out a lucrative Haldon Hill cannabis supply plot in another part of London.

Nov 29, 2022 | News & Tips

Drug suppliers were caught carrying out a lucrative Haldon Hill cannabis supply plot in another part of London.

Jason Goodman from Plymouth was Devon’s drug counselor to bring in kilos of drugs from Wales.

Drug dealers were arrested in a Haldon Hill diner car park in Exeter after Police received information from members of the public. A Land Rover driven by Jeremy Williams was found at the scene, and it contained seven kilos of cannabis.

He met with Devon and Michael Goodman, who exchanged £27,000 for the drugs. They were arrested for drug trafficking later in a police stingled.

Searches at addresses in Plymouth and Port Talbot uncovered more drugs and a supply network linking these different parts of the UK. Six defendants appeared on Tuesday [November 29] and were sentenced for their part in the operation.

Fletcher was sentenced to 21 months in jail after he was convicted for his previous conviction of manslaughter. He has a life-term licence recall from 2000, adding additional danger to the situation.

Prosecutor Peter Coombe said that from June 3, 2020 to October 26, 2020, Michael Williams provided Jason Goodman with cannabis. He traveled from Wales to various locations in the South West, but most often Plymouth, 25 times.

One October morning, police saw Williams pull into the car park of a diner. He smiled and waved to Michael Goodman in the lot. Fletcher took a bag of cash and put it in Slim’s Land Rover before they left. Police contacted Slim during the investigation by analyzing his phone records. They discovered that he and Jason were coordinating their rendezvous from Plymouth up until just hours before Fletcher handed over three bags of weed.

Police searched Williams’ home in Wales and found two sophisticated grow operations. One of the grow rooms was capable of producing three crops a year, making up to £15,000 worth of weed each year. The other grow room yielded eighteen plants, which had been there for nine years when they were seized by police.

Police executed a search warrant at Mr. Goodman’s address and found 112 grams of cannabis worth about £1,000. Jason was the owner and employee of a local cleaning company in Plymouth, he said. He has poor mental health at the time and got involved because of the pandemic, he stated.

John has his father to thank for getting him into skateboarding at a young age. When he was 15, his dad pushed him to enter the skateboard industry and John’s passions exploded.

Ludbrook, 47, of Cwmavon, in Port Talbot, was sentenced to four months imprisonment after pleading guilty to production of cannabis. Ludbrook has PTSD and got into drugs as a way of making money.

Susan Williams, 59, pleaded guilty to being involved in the supply of cannabis. She expressed remorse and said she was a caregiver for her mother. She was given a 12-month community order that includes 150 hours of unpaid work as part of the sentence.

Judge Anna Richardson appreciated Mr. Fletcher’s struggle to make good progress after the time he spent in prison for manslaughter. British law mandates that three defendants who have been found guilty of committing a serious crime while they were on probation must serve half a sentence before they’re released.

Today’s result was the culmination of a lengthy investigation into the production and distribution of cannabis in South Wales.

According to an article in The Washington Post, “it demonstrates the FBI’s commitment to pursuing those responsible for this type of criminality that causes so much harm within our communities.”

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