Despite efforts to prevent cargo theft, cargo theft is expected to happen during Labor Day.

Nov 25, 2022 | News & Tips

The Labor Day weekend is a time for many companies to relax and take it easy. However, items such as expensive and hard-to-find CPC modules make it possible for criminals to target trucks, so trucking companies need to be on the lookout for theft.

CargoNet compared theft trends from before and after that crucial holiday in 2017 to 2021. Their findings indicate that on the Friday before and Tuesday after this important holiday, property theft was reported more often than any other day of the week.

Criminals often target Friday because everyone is away on the weekend, so they’re not as likely to be caught in the act. By Monday morning however, many thieves will have found a new place to loot and left your property unattended.

Thefts were most common at the average retail parking lots and warehouses, according to CargoNet. These vary by state due to the distribution of different types of retailers and amount of foot traffic in each state.

In 2017, shipments of electronics goods like computers and televisions, household goods such as furniture, appliances, and cleaning supplies were the most stolen goods.

Peterbilt is a trucking company that delivers fully-charged electric vehicles to its customers.
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Peterbilt delivered two Model 579EVs to Quantix, operating in its Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia facilities. Peterbilt is excited to be a part of their success!

Quantix and Peterbilt have worked together for many years. When the need arose for additional transportation, Quantix chose a few of their favorite orders to deliver two Model 579 water-powered EVs from Peterbilt.

Quantix, the leading supply chain company to the chemical industry, has a network of over 50 terminals and warehouses and packaging facilities nationwide. Their fleet includes over 3,000 trucks and trailers.

“Quantix has very aggressive sustainability goals, and the company intends to have 25% of its last mile and drayage fleet powered by alternative fuels by 2030,” Christopher Ball, CEO and President of Quantix, told YES! Magazine.

With a battery range up to 150 miles, the 579EV powertrain is designed for optimal weight distribution, performance and efficiency. This electric vehicle uses a standard DC Fast-Charger that can recharge in 3-4 hours.

Truck, trailer leasing company places order for Cummins hydrogen engine

So-called “ZEV trucks” have been in the works for years and just hit the ground running with a purchase of the 15-liter hydrogen engines. This is a shift in not only how we think about fueling our vehicles, but also how they’re made, as well.

When Cummins announced the fuel agnostic platform, the company was met with warm words from customers about its potential. Customers in particular were interested in the Hydrogen option in both of the 15 liter and 6.7 liter engine displacements. Equipped with familiar mechanical drivetrains, these gasoline-to-hydrogen engines offer customizable options to meet application needs. Recycling parts and components from existing engines theoretically cuts down on costs as well as increases reliability and durability within diesel-powered machines.

GATIK and Pitney Bowes have partnered to deploy autonomous fleet management.

Gatik is an autonomous vehicle transportation company, which uses purpose-built trucks to deliver goods with speed and efficiency. They recently joined the team in Dallas to implement a continuous, operational loop across their ecommerce logistics network.

With this agreement, Zap-A-Box will have the power to transport freight autonomously on a global scale by integrating with the world’s leading shipping and banking company Pitney Bowes. The autonomous box trucks will be in operation in Dallas next year.

Gatik plans to launch autonomous vehicles that will make multiple deliveries per day, improving the efficiency of its delivery network. The company has already finished developing four autonomous vehicles capable of carrying up to 500 pounds each. It is currently in the initial stages of testing this fleet and its operators are available 24/7 for tasks such as monitoring the performance of the autonomous vehicles and troubleshooting any issues that arise.

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