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Your commercial space, just like your home, deserves to be spotless too. A clean commercial space is pertinent to the success and growth of your business. Your brand gets to do better when the well-being and health of your customers, staff, and visitors are prioritized. It begins with the professional cleaning of your business space. At Capital Cleaning, our expert cleaning team knows and has all it takes to meet your cleaning needs, whether you run a small, medium, or large business.

Capital Cleaning is a cleaning brand you can trust to address all your unique commercial cleaning. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we know how to handle clean offices, whether large or small, retail stores, medical offices, and any commercial space you can think of. The best part is that we leave your environment looking and feeling healthier and safer to work. We’re the spark that ignites a positive and clean work environment and improved employee productivity.

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Cleaning Services for your Commercial space

Reach out to us for a commercial cleaning service and save your brand money and energy. We understand downtimes are not good for any business. So, we go all the way to ensure we clean your commercial space within the shortest time possible without any compromise on quality.


Detailed Cleaning

– When we agree to clean your commercial space, we do all it takes to maintain our first-class image to make your business space shine and sparkle again. Our specialty cleaning services are geared towards cleaning even the areas an average cleaner wouldn’t reach. The aim is to ensure you do your business in a healthy environment. Your visitors, customers, prospects, and employees will love your brand because of this.

Low or Zero Downtime

– One thing we detest is to make a business shut down for a long time because we want to clean your commercial space. We understand the need to have your business running as it should, so we tailor our cleaning services to cause you low or even zero downtime. We want your business activities to go on uninterrupted while we do what we know best. At Capital Cleaning, our experts will work with your brand to deliver detailed cleaning solutions to your business premise while you focus on running your business as always.


Vacuuming of All Floors

– When we come to your business premises to clean it, we take our time to vacuum and mop all floors. We know high-traffic regions when we spot one, so we clean these areas with all meticulousness, ensuring they spark again. Whether you run a small office, big mall, large office space, restaurant, or any commercial setting, our team will make your space appealing to your workers, prospects, and customers.

Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services Toronto

We provide different types of commercial cleaning services to suit your requirements. Our commercial cleaning services include:


Capital Cleaning offers full cleaning service for commercial spaces like office buildings, warehouses, stores, medical offices, restaurants, and many more. Our professional cleaning experts will do the top to bottom cleaning work proficiently and promptly.


Commercial spaces are vacant during the working schedule and those need to be cleaned either before or after working hours or non-working days. Capital Cleaning offers flexible cleaning scheduling especially for commercial spaces so that we can clean those whenever they need us. We do the daily cleanup, occasional cleanup, post-construction cleanup in an efficient way.


Capital Cleaning provides specialty cleaning services to meet the specific cleaning purpose of commercial spaces. If you need to disinfect the bathroom or clean the kitchen’s grease or other specific cleaning work for your commercial spaces, we will do the job with utmost proficiency.

A Commercial Cleaning Service designed for All Sectors

Our clients come from different sectors, each sector’s cleaning needs are different. Capital Cleaning’s years of experience made it possible to handle any circumstances. Any kind of business organization you have, Capital Cleaning will provide you the best cleaning service. The business sectors we serve include:


To give a healthy and tidy environment to office employees, business owners always work towards higher standards. To maintain and regain higher office environment standards, Capital Cleaning puts its best effort to get a dust-free and tidy office space. Let us worry about your cleaning needs so that you can spend your time on business.


Businesses that are conducted in industrial spaces need punctual and efficient cleaning services. We make cleaning schedules so that the industrial work remains uninterrupted and deliver professional cleaning services with utmost care along with proper time management.


Nothing is more important than health. Medical offices, hospitals, or Doctors’ chambers need to be hygienic all day long, it will make the environment healthy and make a good impression. We offer the best healthcare cleaning service to medicals, hospitals to prepare a healthy environment for both doctors and patients.


Our commercial cleaning services include educational institutes cleaning along with others. Educational institutes like schools, colleges, universities, medical colleges need routine cleaning to keep the area tidy and give the students a fresh and healthy environment.


Construction work makes lots of dust and left construction garbage during the working period. If you have completed the construction work, take professional’s help to remove sharp and harmful objects from the construction area. We are well equipped with cleaning experts and advanced tools to clean construction sites efficiently.


Retail stores are always busy with buyers and sellers. Retail stores can make a fabulous first impression if it is well organized and attractive. Capital Cleaning will make the client-facing areas pristine and attractive to potential buyers.


The outlook and the cleanliness of a hotel make a great impression on guests and it is closely related to the reputation of the hotel. To make the hotel tidy and attractive, you should choose a professional commercial cleaning company. We have a team of experienced cleaners who are proactive and efficient in delivering a satisfactory cleaning service.


Restaurant places can become dirty due to accidents, vomiting, or parties. It is always difficult to maintain the cleanliness of a restaurant. Capital Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to restaurant owners to maintain their good impression.

Why we are best in commercial cleaning?

We give you enough reasons to choose us for cleaning services.

On Schedule Cleaning Services

CapitalCleaning provides high-quality commercial cleaning services for those who are looking for responsive and reliable cleaning work. Our cleaning service is customized and designed to meet your needs and schedule.

Reliable and Efficient Cleaners

Our cleaners are insured and bonded along with their work efficiency. You can rely upon our cleaners wholeheartedly.

Advanced Equipment

We are equipped with up-to-date and optimized equipment to minimize the cleaning time. We effectively finish the cleaning work without interrupting your office hours while maintaining high standards.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Your health and a healthy environment are important to us. That’s why we always use environmentally friendly products and biodegradable chemicals for cleaning and minimizing waste.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our priority is work quality and this is what our clients want. Client satisfaction is our elemental goal and we ensure that by our hard work.

Commercial Cleaning That Fits Your Schedule

Capital Cleaning will turn your commercial space into a sparkling scene you’ve ever wanted, and the best part is this – we do all these in line with your schedule. If your brand needs a commercial cleaning service provider that pays rapt attention to details and knows how to deliver recommendable services according to each business’ schedule, you can always call on us. Capital Cleaning is a force to reckon in the industry.

Your business uptime is one of our priorities. Reach out to us to request a free commercial cleaning quote or call us today. Our friendly staff would be glad to speak with you and fix your cleaning program to match your schedule. We assure less or zero downtime without compromise in service quality.

Your satisfaction is always our priority, and with our service, it’s guaranteed.

Capital Cleaning, Your trusted Commercial Cleaning partner

Are you looking for a commercial cleaning company for your office, stores, or restaurant? Your anxiety about searching for the best cleaning company ends here. We offer the finest cleaning services in Toronto. Our goal is to earn 100% customer satisfaction by delivering the best cleaning experience. Any kind of commercial cleaning or janitorial services you need, contact us today!