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Capital Cleaning offers cleaning services for seniors, ensure ng they stay in a healthy and clean environment while they enjoy their later years. It’s quite impossible to let seniors clean their space; they are aging and can’t carry out such activities. We understand you might not have time to do the cleaning either. Even if you do, you might miss the core things about cleaning it. Let’s do that for you!

Our professional and highly-trained cleaning team knows all it takes to work with our clients, ensuring we meet all their senior cleaning needs and even exceed their expectations. We realize how beneficial a professional cleaning can be to the well-being and health of seniors. Because their body system has a weakened immune system, they need to live in a healthier environment. Our cleaning process ensures that we pay attention to allergies and other factors that might affect the health of seniors. So, we prioritize their medical conditions and age while cleaning their space, ensuring we don’t use cleaning materials that give off their allergies.

Why You Should Hire A Toronto Cleaning Company for Your Seniors

One of the most baffling and complicated tasks for seniors is keeping the home neat and presentable. As they grow older, cleaning becomes more impossible and this is where a cleaning service provider comes to help your loved one.

Vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors and sanitizing toilets can become exhausting for veterans. Not only that, these cleaning exercises can lead seniors to falls or accidents due to their physical weakness.

In these scenarios, the seniors or veterans need an assisted living facilities so that they can save themselves from difficulties or harm.

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Professional Cleaning For Seniors

Cleaning a home can be quite a difficult job for senior citizens. For caregivers, you can cut down the hassle of your job by getting a professional to do the cleaning. Capital Cleaning is always available to help you.

Book a cleaning for seniors with us today, and save yourself time and money. One thing is certain – when you work with us, you’re sure to get the best service as our team of experts has undergone rigorous training that has made them worthy. We know what it entails to clean a space where seniors inhabit. It’s not just like another residential cleaning. We consider this to clean senior space, ensuring none of our working tools or formula triggers their allergies or causes them discomfort.

Our cleaning for seniors entails:

  • Wiping down counters and doing dishes
  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen

When we offer our cleaning for seniors, we pay rapt attention to details, ensuring that all parts of their apartment are cleaned as agreed. We offer detailed cleaning when it comes to the bathroom and kitchen, as well as other areas of the apartment. Our experts will vacuum and mop all the floors while disinfecting high-touchpoint areas with eco-friendly disinfectants. Capital Cleaning prioritizes the health and well-being of seniors and we do our part by making their inhabitants clean and free from toxins and possible sources of infections.

Friendly Cleaning For Seniors In Line With Their Schedule

Let seniors enjoy their old age, knowing that their cleaning is entrusted with a professional. We want you, as a senior to enjoy peace of mind while we clean for you, and live in a healthier environment afterward. Capital Cleaning doesn’t just make your space shine and sparkle again; we take the stress off your shoulder too.


Housekeeping for seniors

We try our level best to meet seniors’ each and every advice. Here are the few housekeeping services we offer to your loved one:

Regular cleaning for seniors

Bedroom cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, Laundry washing, changing bed linens, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and sanitizing, vacuuming floors, hallways, stairs, dusting and cleaning cupboards, counter tops, doors, emptying garbage, yard cleaning and many more.

Light Housekeeping

Running errands, laundry, shopping, meal preparation, etc.

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning the electronic appliances, lights, reachable spaces, walls, floors, bathrooms, and windows.

Transition of home

Purchasing new items, safekeeping, searching for a new home, changing address, setting up insurance, buying and bringing groceries etc.

Move out and move in

Packing, unpacking, sorting, decluttering, reorganising, move out & in cleaning, selling old items, setting up a new home etc.

Medical Cleaning

Cleaning biological waste, incontinence.

Capital Cleaning houses only professionals who are friendly and have mastered the use of cleaning materials and equipment. So, while cleaning for seniors, inhabitants are sure that their properties are intact and the dirt is taken care of. We understand how seniors behave and know they need love. That’s why our friendly staff will be patient and caring to seniors while cleaning their space.

Kindly send us a request for a quote by filling the form below. You can also give us a call to talk with our friendly call agents. Capital Cleaning will be glad to work with you and offer you amazing cleaning for seniors. Rest assured when you work with us, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

House Cleaning Services Designed for Seniors

There is no alternative to great quality service for best outcomes. Our every cleaning service is designed to meet different needs of customers. To ensure great quality service, we have put together a skilled team of cleaning experts to deliver the best service for your house. Here are few reasons of choosing our cleaning service for veterans:

Professional cleaners

Our house cleaners are very professional and attentive in cleaning to ensure error-free cleaning work.

Whenever your seniors need deep cleaning, seasonal cleaning, organizing, we are ready to provide them personal care along with an effective cleaning solution.

Customized cleaning service 

The work for seniors is not limited, rather the amount of work increases as they grow older. So, we have customization options so that every part of work is fulfilled.

Companionship for seniors

Cleaning service for seniors is not limited to the cleaning only, rather we become a companion for veterans. Whatever housekeeping they need, we happily do for the sake of them and their peace of mind.

Flexible Schedules and adaptations

Your expectations are our priority. As the best cleaning company, we will make a note of your requirements so that we can fulfill work and make your loved ones more comfortable. This note will help us do our work in the upcoming weeks. We have a flexible schedule option to do work whenever any emergency occurs.

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee you will get the best cleaning service from us. If you feel like we overlooked something, feel free to inform us, we will take care of the rest. 

Eco-friendly tools and equipment

We are equipped with environment friendly tools and equipment. Harmful equipment can cause harm to both the environment and seniors as seniors have weak immune systems.

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Seniors are our loved ones. They need an extra bit of care than us. CapitalCleaning has efficient and dedicated caregiver staff to take care of seniors. You do not have to worry about your senior loved ones. Get senior home care services today from CapitalCleaning today. We are the pioneer in providing the best cleaning service in Toronto, york. If you have any questions, queries regarding our cleaning service for seniors, do not hesitate to communicate with us at (phone), we are ready to answer you.