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For your apartment and condo to retain its grand and stylish nature, you must hire the best cleaning company available. Routine cleaning of your apartment reduces dust, bacteria, and other harmful particles, thereby making your home a healthy place to live in. Plus, it helps preserve the quality of your house, thereby reducing potential maintenance and repairs cost. With all these pros of cleaning your home, it is a no-brainer to consider hiring a top-tier cleaning service like Capital Cleaning Services. With us, you never have to worry about the time and stress required to clean your apartment – we will handle it all for you at an affordable price. Depending on your preference, we can arrange to clean your condo on a bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly basis – just say the word! Our laundry services are top-notch too, and you can be absolutely sure that all your clothes will come out clean and retain the same quality. 

We pay great attention to your preferences and tailor our services to suit them without sacrificing quality delivery. Whatever your specifications are, our cleaners can handle them with ease and ensure consistency while at it.

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Apartment Cleaning Services in Toronto

Surely you’ve got better things to do than stressing over-cleaning your apartment and doing dirty laundry. So, why not hire a professional cleaning service like Capital Cleaning that can take over that responsibility? You can put your time and energy to better use while we tirelessly take good care of your home. Our Capital cleaners are very detail-oriented, so be rest assured that no dust or stain in your home will be left unattended. They all undergo professional training sessions that make them the perfect housekeepers and well-suited to take care of your condo.


You can take the first step by booking an appointment with Capital Cleaning today! Our customer care representatives would be glad to have you. We assure you that we are highly motivated to deliver nothing but the best, and at the end of the day, you will be impressed by the quality of our work.

Our astute team of housekeepers will always arrive on schedule with the right supplies and equipment to make your home sparkle. And of course, they will do their jobs without interfering with your personal effects and restricted areas. 

  • Floor swabbing, vacuuming, and scrubbing
  • Laundry and stain removal
  • Sterilization of germ hotspots in the home

What we do in our Apartment Cleaning Service

We provide a premium quality apartment cleaning service to meet your expectations. We guarantee you an in-depth green cleaning including these standard components:

  • Detailed cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Floor Vacuuming.
  • Washing non-carpeted floors
  • Walls, doors, doorknobs, door frames, baseboards’ spot cleaning
  • Dusting baseboards, lampshades, lights, light fixtures, window tracks, window sills, and furniture.
  • Wiping cupboard, home appliances.

Affordable Apartment Cleaning Services in Toronto

One of the core values of Capital Cleaning Services is flexibility. Asides from our general cleaning routines, we can adapt to your preferences based on the frequency of cleaning visits and cleaning supplies (in case of allergies and environmental concerns). 

If your apartment and condo haven’t been cleaned in a while, and you don’t want to walk into a space filled with dust, allergens, and other nasty stuff, hire us! Our deep cleaning service will have it looking spotless in no time. 

If you just got a new apartment and want it to look and feel brand new after moving in, you know who to call. We have the right supplies, equipment, and labor to transform any apartment into the home of your dreams. All you have to do is reach out to us and book an appointment. 

Though condos and apartments are increasing day by day, only a few companies deliver quality cleaning, CapitalCleaning is one of them and strives to maintain the best quality. But everyone’s needs are not similar,  some people need an extra bit of work along with standard cleaning service. That’s why CapitalCleaning provides custom cleaning services as well to meet and fulfill their needs. We offer one time cleaning, ongoing cleaning, move in/out cleaning, occasional cleaning along with the regular cleaning package. We are glad to offer you a customized cleaning service to match your variety of lifestyles and events.

Our customers trust our expertise for all-around cleaning service delivery, and you can join the train too. The best part is, for all the immense quality we provide, our prices are highly affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to keep your home spick and span. For more information, request an instant quote or reach out to our customer care representatives. 

Same Day Apartment Cleaning services in toronto

When your apartment has unreachable areas uncleaned or bad air or too much dirt, then your apartment needs a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is not an easy task to perform. You need to put in your time, hard work, determination, and focus, but you have a busy official schedule as well. Capital Cleaning will make it easy for you, you can concentrate on your official schedule fully. Capital Cleaning has highly trained and skilled cleaners along with advanced tools and equipment. Our cleaning experts will clean everything even hard-to-reach places as well.

Benefits of choosing Capital Cleaning for your Apartment

You can enjoy many benefits working with Capital Cleaning. Here is the few of them:

Top notch cleaning

We ensure error-free cleaning to maintain our quality standard. We review our checklist and work progress so that nothing is left overlooked. You can relax while our cleaning experts are in your apartment.

Trained Professionals

Our approach is customer focused. To adept the customer’s needs, our every cleaner is trained in that way. Our cleaners are hardworking, friendly, and dedicated to their work. Delivering excellence is our top most priority. 

Uninterrupted Communication

You will be connected with our cleaners while they are doing cleaning work at your apartment. You do not need to worry about seamless communication. You will be informed every moment about our progress and recommendation.

Attention to detail

While we are working at your apartment, we will concentrate on every detail regarding cleaning.

Affordable pricing

Our cleaning service cost is affordable, you do not have to worry about any type of hidden cost. Cost measurements will be done before finalizing the deal.

Best Apartment Cleaning Company at Your Doorstep

Do you need an apartment condo cleaning service to clean your apartment and condo? Now, you do not need to go and search somewhere else, ​rest assured while Capital Cleaning is here. Capital Cleaning is the fastest growing cleaning service provider in Toronto and GTA. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Whether you need to clean your apartment or condo or maid service, Capital Cleaning possesses all cleaning facilities, contact us to book a cleaning appointment today. Call us at (phone).